Ion Pumping Cords

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What are Ion Pumping Cords?

Designed by Dr. Manaka of Japan, Ion Pumping Cords are the fastest, and most effective way to move chi exactly where it needs to go. A germanium diode in the center of the cord directs the flow of chi from the black clip to the red clip, which redistributes excess chi to deficient points via acupuncture needles to create balance.


Are you frustrated treating difficult conditions that don’t seem to improve with basic acupuncture treatment?

Are you frustrated treating difficult conditions that don’t seem to improve with basic acupuncture treatment?



Trying to trigger the body to heal itself is nearly impossible when the patient’s condition has already drained the body’s reservoir of chi. Internal pathways are blocked, making traditional acupuncture ineffective.

You need something more.

The Solution!

It’s frustrating to encounter a condition that just won’t budge—when you care deeply about helping a patient, but your trusty methods just don’t seem to work.

We’ve found a tool that creates an external link between two acupuncture points so you can bypass the internal blockage preventing healing, and put the body back into balance.

With Ion Pumping Cords, you will see even the most difficult and stubborn conditions respond instantly!

Get Started with Ion Pumping Cords

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Watch the Introduction to Ion Cords Video

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Choose your Ion Cords Package

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Get Trained with our Ion Cord Resources

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Our Commitment to You

We’ll be there for you! Whether you need training, technical support, or customer service, we’ll pick up the phone when you call. No robots here.

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We will protect you with a 60-day, money back guarantee. This is a no-risk decision!



Ion Pumping Cord Resources

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Webinar: Patients are Getting Better, Faster (Part 1)

  • Where to find extraordinary vessel and divergent treatment recommendations within AcuGraph

  • How to treat when you are doing “everything right” and the patient’s chief complaint just isn’t getting better

  • How to get better results with STUBBORN chief complaints

  • How to prioritize advanced treatment strategies within a treatment series

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Webinar: Patients are Getting Better, Faster (Part 2)

  • The science behind ion pumping cords

  • How to incorporate ion pumping cords into your treatment plan

  • Example videos showing how to use ion pumping cords

  • The differentiation between a root and branch treatment when using ion pumping cords

  • How to know your treatment plan is working

  • FAQ’s regarding the use of ion pumping cords

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Ion Pumping Cord
Blog Posts

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"Putting it all Together"
2017 Symposium Module

Runtime: 3 hours 36 minutes
This module includes:

  • Ion Pumping Cords

  • Ear Treatment

  • Putting it All Together (An Hour in the Clinic)

  • 3.5 PDA points / hours for Continuing Education (NCCAOM, Florida and California)

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Your Treatments with Ion Pumping Cords

Bypass internal chi blockages to treat even the most difficult conditions

Feel confident in your abilities to truly help your patients heal

Enjoy advancement and appreciation in the acupuncture world

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that patients are healthy and happy


Continue floundering to treat difficult conditions with methods that just won’t work and endure the disappointment and frustration of patients who aren’t getting better.

The choice is yours.

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